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Our pricing is based on years of research about the breed and the care taken to provide a healthy and well-vetted puppy.

We provide our parent dogs and puppies excellent care by a licensed veterinarian including early vaccinations, and de-worming.

The puppies are raised in a loving home where they are nurtured and trained. Our puppies receive stimulation and training as early as 3 days old.

We also provide our puppies with early potty training using a tray which helps them to learn to go in one area, and eventually outside.

The price for our puppies is $3000. We require a $500 reservation fee after your application has been reviewed and approved. The remainder is due when you pick up your puppy when they are 10 weeks old. This price does not include breeding rights, which are available for an additional fee of $1200, also due when you receive your puppy.

Our parent dogs are full-breed Bichon Frise and registered with the AKC. You will receive a certificate including your puppy’s family tree and the rights to register your puppy with AKC. The registration form has a designation of whether your puppy is approved for breeding.

*Pricing may change but the current listed prices are always honored.

Interested Owner Sign-Up List

Interested Owner Sign-Up List

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